Palastine Ohio has a HUGE Covid outbreak! (wink, wink)

Apparently, the only way to get help in Palastine Ohio is to cry wolf. HELP! COVID!

Isn’t it funny that people were forced to wear a mask for a virus that was 99% survivable, and certain people’s fear led to forcing everyone else around them to wear masks too, all to keep themselves safe? But let toxic chemicals spew into the air, or penetrate the town’s soil, just out of their spit droplet range, and we don’t care. “That’s nowhere near my neighborhood, so no worries.”

This lone incident PROVES that the whole covid narrative was based purely on fear.

If we can leave these people to potentially deal with illness on their own, leave their children to deal with future illness, to lose loved ones, and see their property values and net worth plummet to bankruptcy, then this proves that our government and society is fear motivated, politically motivated, and untrustworthy. Your neighbor and school system only cares when it impacts them. “Wear your mask because you could make me sick.” But if their fellow Ohioan far from their doorstep is in trouble, there is clearly no concern and it’s business as usual.

If we are truly going to “follow the science,” can we get started before it’s too late?

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