MUST WATCH!!! Dr. Ardis has a special presentation for you to bring to light and get everyone up to speed on what the bioweapons are. He is educating to bring an understanding that the bioweapons are VENOMS! This is some of the most extensive research Dr. Ardis has done. There is hope and there are solutions you need to know about!

Dr. Ardis has discovered snake venoms in covid patients from studies done in Italy and all over the world. Snake venoms attack the respiratory system the same way that they tell us that covid-19 does. Why would snake venoms be in patients blood and feces? He has also found that nicotine prevents covid to penetrate the AC2 receptors where covid attacks your body. The graphics below show you that most smokers were not affected by covid-19. Interesting! Why is that?

So you’re probably wondering how they could possible milk enough venom out of snakes to infect the whole world, right? Well, they have been producing snake venoms synthetically for years now, because our military uses the venom in bio-weapons. Matter of fact, you can go online right now and purchase your own snake synthetic snake venom and have it delivered right to your front door. This is scary stuff.

Please watch at least the first 50 minutes of the video above. You will be shocked when you see what Dr. Ardis reveals in this video. This is a game changer and clearly points to covid-19 being a bio-weapon and not a natural occurring virus.

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