Take One Thing – Vitamin D3!

If there is one thing that can help you prevent and beat COVID-19 it is Vitamin D3. This is especially important in black and Indian people. They are usually vitamin D deficient due to the darker pigment in their skin, studies have proven this over many years.

This one simple vitamin each day can increase your chances of preventing covid up to 54%. Vitamin D3 is cheap and readily available. As a government, we should have been providing this to our inner cities and lower-income populations. Our elderly in nursing homes and long-term care facilities should be taking it as well.

Everyone in your family should be taking:

Vitamin D
Vitamin C
(see Covid Treatments page)

Vitamin D plays a key role in immunity and it’s already recommended that everyone in the US take the supplement in the winter (I didn’t know that), with those at higher risk of vitamin D deficiency advised to take it all year round.

Below are several links to articles and the benefits of taking Vitamin D3 during the pandemic.






When you search Google, oddly enough the results will show you that “vitamin D really doesn’t prevent covid”. The search term I used was: vitamin D3 prevents covid

But search DuckDuckGo.com and you will see REAL results. Once again, “Censored Nation!”

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