CAUGHT! Ohio Data Manipulation Right in Front of Your Eyes!

~ CAUGHT! Data Manipulation Right in Front of Your Eyes!

I knew that it was only a matter of time before this happened and it has happened. Since covid IS NOT killing kids, they have to add fake deaths to try and scare you. (see my info below to show you how they’re lying.)

Quietly, the CDC and the state of Ohio have more than double the deaths of kids between the ages of 0-17. Ironically, it happened right before the vaccine mandate is coming for kids 4-12.

Below are four screenshots. Two are from today of the CDC and the state of Ohio dashboard. They are both NOW showing 15 deaths. This whole time during the China virus, Ohio has shown 7 deaths of kids 0-17 and the CDC has shown 0. Yes, ZERO!

The Ohio deaths have never been verifiable. The State of Ohio Vital Records Department refuses to provide public documentation to show the ages or times of the deaths of these children. It is a public record and they have to provide it if requested and they will not.

What is suspicious about this? My screenshot showing 7 deaths is from August 24, 2021. And the kicker? I have a CDC screenshot from August 4, 2021, showing zero deaths FROM covid in the state of Ohio. Unfortunately for the State of Ohio and the CDC, hundreds if not thousands of people now monitor their activities and data.

Don’t you think the news media would be airing 24/7 the deaths of 8 children in less than two months if that really happened? You betcha they would! They would be rolling out videos 24/7 showing the sad families and trying to scare you into getting your child vaccinated and with 8 deaths in a few short weeks, of course, if that really happened, we would all be listening, right?! Instead, nothing.

But the data has now been changed and manipulated for talking points and to use to drive home the need to vax the kids. And if you question it, you will be quickly dismissed. How much other data is being manipulated? Are the Ohio death totals real? Are the US death totals real? I have forwarded this data manipulation to my state representatives and I would suggest that you do the same. This is 100% illegal what they are doing and someone should be held accountable.

Here are a few articles showing you how the media tries to scare you into thinking that it is worse than it really is.


article stating 8 deaths in Ohio –…/covid-cases-kids…/5651633001/

In 2020, the media said that a 9-year girl in Middletown died of covid. but the Go Fund Me page for her family was removed. And the superintendent called it a “medical mystery”, not covid as the media fear mongers tried to make you believe.…/from-the…/…

An interesting article telling you the numbers, but trying to hide it in fear-mongering.…/at-least-three-ohio…/

Check out the images below for more proof

Ohio child deaths in August –

Ohio child deaths in October 2021 –

Ohio child deaths October 2021 shows 15. Just 2 months earlier and for the whole year, this number has been at 7. See images below.

Ohio deaths reported on the Ohio Coronavirus Dashboard in October

Ohio deaths on the Ohio Coronavirus Dashboard on August 24, 2021
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