Covid-19 Treatments & Prophylaxis

~ These treatments are to be used at your own risk! I am not a medical doctor. This information has been copied and compiled from various medical websites to be shared here. Consult with your doctor or an online doctor if you have any questions.

Below is a list of the most effective at-home COVID-19 treatments that people have had great success with. Many doctors are using these same treatment protocols with their patients. There are also prophylaxis treatments proven to help with the prevention of COVID-19.

Items you should have at home: STOCK UP!

Oximeter (inexpensive check Amazon or
N95 masks for family members or people caring for sick
Vitamin D3 (5000 IU)
Vitamin C (500-1000 mg)
Zinc 50 mg
Melatonin 6 mg (only at bedtime. Stop after symptoms subside)
Aspirin (325 mg daily)
Antiviral mouthwash – must contain chlorhexidine, povidone-iodine, or cetylpyridinium. Gargle 3x per day. Several name brands like Crest and Listerine will work. Just check the label.
Fluids – Pedialite, Water, or Gatorade. Dilute Gatorade due to the sugar content.

Medicine to have at Home – Requires a Prescription

Items that are nice to have at Home (not necessary)
UV-C air cleaner single room or whole house UV-C
Inhaler (albuterol) or nebulizer (Hydrogen Peroxide treatment)

Do’s & Don’ts During a covid infection

DO check oxygen saturation often and WRITE IT DOWN! Anything below 94% you need to go to the ER.
– The point of at-home treatment is to avoid going to the hospital. This is a 99% survivable virus and is easily treated at home. There are ER treatments that can help. It is recommended to deny the medication Remdesivir. Many nurses are coming out against this medication due to its harmful side effects. The progression is usually low-flow oxygen, high-flow oxygen, Remdesivir, and then a ventilator. Most people who end up on a ventilator never recover and they pass away.

DON’T sleep on your back! Your side or stomach is the preferred position to sleep.

Online Doctors for Treatment and Medication

Daily Preventative Prophylaxis (all family members should be taking this daily!)
Vitamin D3 5000 IU daily
Vitamin C 500 mg daily
Zinc 50 mg daily
Quercetin 250 mg daily

Vitamin D Hammer to Beat the Flu (has been used to treat covid infection)

This is a high-dose approach to beating the flu or COVID. When used immediately after symptoms start, some people have experienced great success with it. You can use it in conjunction with the COVID treatment plan. Vitamin D3 has been proven to fight and stop a COVID-19 infection. Doctors all over the world are using this treatment for many of their patients.
Read more here –

Mouthwashes, oral rinses may inactivate human coronaviruses, study finds
Read more here –

Below is the best treatment and preventative protocol to follow –

About the I-MASK+ Protocol for COVID-19

In October 2020, the FLCCC Alliance developed a preventive and early outpatient combination treatment protocol for COVID-19 called I-MASK+. It’s centered around ivermectin, a well-known, FDA-approved anti-parasite drug that has been used successfully for more than four decades to treat onchocerciasis “river blindness” and other parasitic diseases. It is one of the safest drugs known. It is on the WHO’s list of essential medicines, has been given 3.7 billion times around the globe, and has won the Nobel prize for its global and historic impacts in eradicating endemic parasitic infections in many parts of the world. Our medical discovery of a rapidly growing published medical evidence base, demonstrating ivermectin’s unique and highly potent ability to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 replication and to suppress inflammation, prompted our team to use ivermectin for prevention and treatment in all stages of COVID-19. Ivermectin is not yet FDA-approved for the treatment of COVID-19, but on Jan 14, 2021, the NIH changed their recommendation for the use of ivermectin in COVID-19 from “against” to “neutral”. (see our press release).

Our life-saving  MATH+ Hospital Treatment Protocol for COVID-19 (available in several languages), created in March 2020, is intended for hospitalized patients. The recently developed I-MASK+ Prevention & Early Outpatient Treatment Protocol for COVID-19 (this page) is designed for use as a prevention and in early outpatient treatment, for those who test positive for COVID-19. The protocols complement each other, and both are physiologic-based combination treatment regimens developed by leaders in critical care medicine. All the component medicines are FDA-approved (except ivermectin), inexpensive, readily available, and have been used for decades with well-established safety profiles.

Please download and share our  I-MASK+ Prevention & Early Outpatient Treatment Protocol for COVID-19. (It is currently being translated into several languages).


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