Schools Are Overburdened and Overflowing with Illegals and Increasing Your Property Taxes

~ School Levy and Property Tax Increases ~

School districts all across the US are in crisis. No, not from the “deadly plandemic” of 2020, but from a HUGE influx of students of illegals that have been streaming across our borders.

Our local school district will have a levy on the ballot again this spring, after failing last fall. The school has been busy cutting activities from student’s day and from our teacher’s resources. They say it is due to the loss of revenue from the failed levy, but I believe it is to make their lives uncomfortable and force parents to make a hard choice this spring. Well, they got their wish.

The problem that districts now face all across the country is the large influx of students of illegals who are enrolling and placing a bigger burden than the lack of additional tax dollars on our schools, staff, and resources. These are students that the districts did not plan for in their budgets, how could they?! So how do they handle it? They are asking the taxpayers to fund it by trying to pass additional levies and increase your property taxes.

I’m sorry, but I am not going to fund the illegal and failed policies of the current sitting President. If the schools are having budget issues due to illegals, they need to go directly to Washington, not the homeowners in their district.

While there may be some people who agree with the illegal invasion of our country from our borders, many of us have more common sense and we know what is happening and do not agree with it. Our constitution is supposed to protect us from what is happening, but it is not being followed by the courts or our leaders in Washington. So do not try to tag my wallet for these failed policies and rogue leaders.

I have no idea how we are supposed to recover from this. As a dad and husband of three educators, I hear what they deal with every day. Our kids are still behind academically due to the closing of our schools during the pandemic, and now our classrooms are being overcrowded and our resource teachers are overburdened. They are pulled away from your child who may have a reading issue and given multiple students who can not even speak english. Again, another complete failure by our government.

I don’t blame this current issue on our local district, nor can you. This problem originated in Washington and you should make your vote heard loud and clear in November. But what about our kids? What is the path forward for them? How do we ensure that they receive the education they’re entitled to as legal citizens of this country? I didn’t sign up for this mess and neither did you, but we can not abandon the kids that were already fighting an uphill battle after covid.

I urge you to contact your district and get the numbers. Find out how illegals are impacting your classroom size, your teacher resources, our busing, and our communities. Get involved. It is going to take your involvement to make sure that your tax dollars end up where they are supposed to be spent.

We can not allow school boards to go unchecked. Attend meetings, ask questions, email your superintendent, and email your principals. Do not stay quietly on the sidelines, even if it means getting your name on the infamous “terrorist list.” Speak up because it is going to take “MORE than a village” to raise a kid nowadays.

Side Note: Lay off the teacher. 🙏 She is only doing what she has been told to do (and the stress is unbelievable right now). There is nothing she can change. She doesn’t make policies or budgets. I know this from 30+ years of personal experience. You need to start at the top. Hold your superintendent and board accountable.

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