US State Confirms that Chemtrails and Cloud Seeding is REAL! And they want it to stop!

New Hampshire Bill To Ban Climate Engineering!

State representatives have acknowledged that chemtrails, cloud seeding to manipulate the weather, HAARP, and the superheating of the ionosphere are real. At this point, I am going to remove my tin foil hat once and for all. (FYI – I took that photo above. It’s real.)

I am probably 16 for 16 in my predictions, warnings, and “conspiracy theories.” Everything I have told you about since the beginning of covid has been proven to be correct. So, the tin foil cap has been removed and added to Pee Wee’s giant ball of foil.


AN ACT prohibiting the intentional release of polluting emissions, including cloud seeding, weather modification, excessive electromagnetic radio frequency, and microwave radiation and making penalties for violation of such prohibition.

This bill establishes a regulatory process to prevent the intentional release of polluting emissions, in New Hampshire’s atmosphere and at ground level and provides penalties for violations. This bill requires reports of such violations to be made by state officials and members of the public to the department of environmental services air resources division of compliance and requires New Hampshire county sheriffs carry to enforce the provisions.”

Below are two links. One is to the bill introduced by New Hampshire with a cease and desist to the US government to STOP spraying the skies over the state of New Hampshire. The second link is to Geoengineering Watch. This is a team of scientists who are monitoring and trying to spread the truth to the world about our government and its attempt to control the weather and climate within our country and around the world.

90-second Update –

New Hampshire bill to STOP climate control and chemtrail spraying over their state –


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