* Italian Court Rules Mandatory Vaccination Unconstitutional, ‘Fatal Side Effects’ Too Risky *

Sicily’s Court of Administrative Justice has ruled that Italy’s mandatory Covid vaccination obligation is unconstitutional. The court stated that the experimental mRNA treatments intended to protect the public from Covid have been shown to cause “serious or fatal adverse effects.” The court explains that even if such fatalities are rare, a single death is enough to render the mandate unconstitutional.

The ruling says: “The data which have been collected by the European database reveals that by the end of January 2022, 570 million Pfizer doses had been administered within the EU, so far. In relation to them, 582,000 cases of adverse effects were reported, 7,000 of which had a fatal outcome.” That was Pfizer. As for AstraZeneca, “among 69 million doses, 244,000 cases of adverse effects were reported, 1,447 of which had a fatal outcome.” Then they mention Moderna, too. 139 million doses, 150,000 adverse reactions, 834 of which had a fatal outcome. Then Janssen. 19 million doses, 40,766 cases reported 279 of which were fatal.


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