White House Indicates Coronavirus Pandemic Is No Longer A Crisis; The Money Grab Is Over!

“Our highest, first priority is fighting omicron,” White House pandemic response coordinator Jeff Zients told reporters at a briefing. “At the same time, we are preparing for the future.”

At this press conference, it is almost as if the White House was giving an indication that the push towards their mandates and their “New World Order” plans seem to be failing. A red flag for their investors? Take a look at the stock market and you be the judge.

Moderna was merely a $20 stock prior to COVID-19. It exploded into a $440 per share stock making its investors billions upon billions of dollars. While the rest of the US and the world struggled to pay the bills and keep businesses afloat, the “Elites” were reaping the benefits of their mandates and their global push to vaccinate against a virus that is 99.2% survivable and easily treatable with a simple medication called Ivermectin. The cost? $1 per pill.

Take a look at the images below and you be the judge. You can easily see the rise and fall of both of these companies. FYI. Pfizer is merely the name (vehicle). BioNTech had the mRNA technology and teamed up to use the Pfizer name in order to give their vaccine more credibility.

So, was this all about a virus, or was this all about money? I am betting on the latter.

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