Ohio Covid Cases Doubled in the Past Month. Is there a need to worry?

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Covid cases in Ohio have doubled in the past 30 days (see images below). It appears to be the spread of the variant BA.2 and the beginning of BA.2.12.1. Notice the discussion on every news station & website about “increased cases”, but nothing about increased deaths?

Cases should not concern us at this time because viruses are always mutating, it is what they do (see flu mutation image below). What we should be paying attention to are deaths that are occurring from variants, and at this time, the deaths do not appear to be following the increased cases.

2,700,000 million cases in Ohio
38,428 deaths in Ohio
2,661,572 million people in Ohio have recovered
98.58% survival rate
1.42% death rate in Ohio (1.2% national average)

Auto accident comparison
66,395 Car accidents in Ohio in 2017
1,132 deaths from car accidents in Ohio in 2017
1.70% auto accident death rate in Ohio

Covid death rate in Ohio is 1.42%Auto accident death rate in Ohio is 1.70%

Don’t drive! But if you do, wear a mask (or your seatbelt)!

Noticeably absent from the Ohio Covid Dashboard mortality area to this day are comorbidities. Why? The state can tell us if you are white, black, hispanic, or non-hispanic. But for some reason, they still can’t tell us if the deceased had diabetes, heart disease, COPD, high BMI, or if they were vaccinated or not vaccinated. Why is that? If the vaccine was reducing spread, serious illness, or death, wouldn’t that be a front-page story? I would think so.

Remember, data is science. It is all we have at this point with covid. If we would drill down the data (like Florida has done), and remove the fear, we could get some real answers as to what really works when it comes to fighting covid. You still have a greater risk of dying in an auto accident than dying of covid. Perspective.

Influenza mutations during covid 19. Viruses are always mutating, so do not be spooked by the media’s attempt to try to scare you. They have NO idea what science is and they are not interested in researching what is really going on.
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