US Covid deaths are 10x the rate of deaths in the UK, despite the vaccine. Are hospital protocols to blame? Why isn’t anyone asking?

~ Numbers! This IS NOT over! See the numbers below!

I know that many of you want to move beyond covid, and you are tired of hearing about it, I get that. But we have a problem in the country that is being completely ignored. 734 people A DAY are still dying from covid in the USA, versus 83 per day in the UK, and no one is talking about it. Why is that? We have the vaccine. We have boosters and we have more knowledge about the virus. So what is wrong?

It is beyond time to start looking at the protocol, especially when our daily numbers are 10x the rate in the UK. Too many people have been lost that could have easily been saved. When will our politicians, and state officials start questioning these numbers? We have to start considering that the Fauci protocol of Remdesivir is killing people, not covid.

Covid is 99% survivable. If you or a loved one ends up in the ER, reject the Remdesivir treatment and DEMAND that they give you a Z-Pak and Ivermectin instead. If they will not, demand a Z-Pak and high doses of Vitamin D intravenously, both of these treatments have been proven to help someone beat covid.

How our deaths compare –

734 deaths per day as of 10/10/2022
207,973 deaths in 2022
1,056,859 TOTAL since the pandemic started

83 deaths per day as of 10/10/2022
23,498 total in 2022
175,816 TOTAL since the pandemic started

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