They spell SCIENCE like this – FEAR!

As of 2/22/2022, correct me if I am wrong, but there WAS NO Federal mask mandate, NO State mask mandate, and NO school mandate as of this date. Right? Despite that, the fearful sheep continue to plow ahead, trampling on everyone else’s rights in order to try to keep themselves safe from the 99% survivable monster created by the fearful left.

It has come to my attention that despite the school dropping the mask mandate, the teachers were asked to wear a mask to a staff meeting as a “courtesy” to those teachers that are still “concerned.” The “protect me” mentality is still alive and well and will not go away anytime soon in our schools.

Listen, if you are “too afraid” to participate in a work setting, and you’ve had your vA-x-cine, and you wear your mask, and you have your face shield, you can request a leave of absence, call in sick, or just change careers. (I hear that online teaching is booming.) You have jabbed our kids, masked them, isolated them, and now that your power has been stripped from controlling our children, your attention is being focused on your peers. This type of behavior is reprehensible and disgusting.

If there is still FEAR running amuck amongst these sheep, then it is up to their superiors to create a system to allow them to stay in their rooms and away from contact with other people. Use your favorite pandemic application Zoom and allow these fear-mongers to Zoom into meetings. You should not try to be a “mini-tyrant” and impose your own rules or guilt your staff due to the FEAR of only a very select few. Why does someone that is afraid have more rights than a person that is not?

Keep in mind, these are the same people that wear a mask into an area to eat lunch with staff, then remove the mask and sit and eat their lunch and talk, then return the mask to their face to walk out. Need I say more?

Many of you have known me for years, and I am tired of walking on eggshells around you and trying not to hurt your feelings. Listen, if my wife didn’t teach there, I wouldn’t be your friend anyway. It is as simple as that.

You can hate me, you can call me names (which apparently many staff members have already been doing for months now), but you CAN NO LONGER step on my rights, my wife’s rights, or my child’s rights, or anyone else’s rights for that matter. YOU DON’T MATTER MORE JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE AFRAID!

This country has lost its way. Your freedoms are being taken bit by bit and you can’t see it because you have your face covered with a mask. I am ashamed and disappointed that I have lost family members in wars defending our rights to be a free country and this is what you choose to do with it.

Instead of banding together to defeat this so-called enemy, we have separated into groups, divided by poor leadership and NO SCIENCE, except fear. Friend against friend, family member against family member, neighbor against neighbor, American against American. It is exactly what they have wanted all along and your fear has helped get us to this point and it is keeping us there.

This stops now. If you are reading this, your rights and personal choice matter just as much as the person that is afraid. Start acting like it and stand up for yourself before it’s too late.

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