Omicron Reinfection Possible with BA.2 Variant


Denmark is reporting that you can get reinfected with Omicron BA.2 after having a BA.1 infection, and it can happen immediately.

They are not reporting a more severe illness, most are mild, but you should be aware that you are not immune to BA.2 according to their government if you had Omicron. It appears to be affecting younger age groups. So if your kids have symptoms despite already having Omicron, it’s probably Omicron BA.2. Despite this, Denmark is remaining fully open, without restrictions.

~ Currently BA.2 is the dominant variant in several countries, but only accounts for less than 4% of the US cases. They do not know why it is not spreading in the US. My thought is that it is it’s a November variant in the US! 😅

>>>>>>Reinfection with different subtypes of Omicron is possible

The Omicron variant can be divided into various subtypes. Denmark has mainly been affected by subtypes BA.1 and BA.2. A novel study from Statens Serum Institut (SSI) aims to establish if reinfection with BA.2 can occur shortly after initial BA.1 infection. The answer was yes – but generally, reinfection is estimated to occur rarely.

Updated 22 February 2022Since the Omicron variant reached Denmark in late November 2021, a considerable share of the Danish population has become infected – approx. 2 million Danes have tested positive by PCR. Several subtypes of the Omicron variant exist that vary significantly, raising the question of whether it is possible to become infected by several of these subtypes successively.

The BA.1 subtype of Omicron is more prevalent than the other subtypes, but another variant, BA.2, is gaining ground in many places worldwide.

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