Fulton County’s Lawyers Disappear! Election Officials Admit They Destroyed Ballots!

Fulton County’s Lawyers Disappear! Election Officials Admit They Destroyed Ballots!
Georgia’s courts are trying to hide Fulton County’s destruction of the evidence
NOV 13

Out of nowhere, Fulton County’s defense team Donald F. Samuel and Amanda R. Clark Palmer have motioned to withdraw themselves from the election fraud case in Georgia.

What do you think that means?

It likely means that the alleged “counterfeit” ballots that are under court seal have been destroyed illegally, and the defense attorneys don’t wish to be associated with the lawlessness.

There are still “missing” ballot images that are necessary to verify the votes — and there are still plenty of votes that went to adjudication and were (allegedly) changed illegally as well.

Fulton County was ordered to produce the absentee ballots months ago — and has refused to do so.

Remember: this was a case challenging 150,000 ballots in the 2020 election for being counterfeit. The trial has been delayed for two years.

Remember too: federal law requires that all election records must be preserved for 22 months.

In other words, Fulton County has been caught. The 2020 election should not have been certified.

Trump won Georgia, obviously.

Now let’s consider the intelligence level of the judges in Georgia’s courts.

This particular judge doesn’t know that unsealing the ballots will not tell you how a particular person voted — because there are no names on the ballot.

When was the last time this judge voted in an election?

That’s an awful lot of ignorance on display.

Favorito v Wan was originally filed in December 2020. It was dismissed in 2021 for issues over standing. The plaintiffs appealed — at which time the Georgia Supreme Court ruled in favor of the plaintiffs. When the case went back to Georgia’s Superior Court, it was assigned to Judge Robert McBurney —rather than the original judge, Brian Amero. The plaintiffs moved for Judge McBurney to be removed from the case in 2023, since he presided over Fulton DA Fani Willis’s grand jury.

According to Georgia law, the motion must be addressed within 90 days.

Instead, the law courts of Georgia have not replied for six months.

And now, Fulton County’s attorneys are running for the hills.

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