Dr. Ardis, Snake Venom, and the Spread of Covid-19.

By now you are all aware of the video of Dr. Ardis discussing the possibility of our water being intentionally contaminated with snake venom and he speculates that the symptoms people are actually experiencing are reactions to venom and not covid. The symptoms are very similar. A far-fetched theory, right? Or is it?

How else would you go about spreading a virus, to very targeted and specific communities globally? You can’t control an airborne virus, but you can control the public drinking water.

Think about how the virus spread perfectly from China to Italy, to various parts of Europe, and then to the US. Technically, it wouldn’t happen that way. Patient #1 (ground zero) would get infected in Italy while on vacation, jump on a plane, fly back to the US, and then infect everyone while on the plane back to the US, and then infect everyone in their community. The infected people on the plane would also infect their communities. This is how it is spread. It is not a systematic march across a continent and then a jump across an ocean, almost as if it is being controlled. “Watch out US, it is coming to you next. On yeah, on this date.”

Regarding water contamination. The biggest red flag for me that came out of this was the testing of wastewater. I wrote about this in a Facebook post in 2020 when Ohio started doing it and questioned why we were doing this? How did we come up with the idea to do this? This wasn’t a Dr. Fauci plan. So who’s plan was this? Was this another CDC plan? If not, then who? Were the people spiking the drinking water maintaining a watch over the results?

Let’s face it, if you are eliminating the virus, you have already had it for several days and you have already spread it to the community. So why monitor wastewater unless you are looking for the effectiveness of the original contamination. You are tracking movement and results.

I thought about this and came to the conclusion that they could contaminate the public water system, but not a private well. That led me to compare well logs to covid outbreaks. The results are pretty shocking.

First, I thought that well logs would cover very rural areas. Quite the opposite. There are many areas of New York and the east coast that have well water. Probably given the age and history of our country, this was the primary water source for many years prior to public water. Well logs were plentiful in those areas.

The most ironic thing was that in areas like Colorado, I would expect a high number of private wells, but instead, most of the state is served by public water. Look at the covid cases in Colorado and then look at the number of wells. Coincidence? Maybe. 

Looking at the images below, compare the well logs to the covid case outbreaks. Is it me, or are there more outbreaks in areas that have public water and less in areas that use wells? New Hampshire has been hailed as a state that survived the pandemic really well. They controlled outbreaks and rising cases, but look at the state. It is almost strictly on well water. Very little public drinking water. This pattern repeats all over the US.

I am not saying Dr. Ardis is 100% right in his far-fetched theory. But it is plausible, especially based on this information.


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These are the number of cases by County throughout the USA. Darker colors = more cases
Darker colors are people drinking well water, and lighter colors more public water. These are based on public well records by County throughout the USA.
Red circled areas are a high concentration of city water
Now scroll up and compare to the image showing the number of covid-19 outbreaks. Is there a correlation between public water contamination and covid-19 outbreaks? There appear to be very low outbreaks in communities drinking well water.
Scroll down to see the number of cases in each county.
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