* Fake Vax Card or Real?

* Fake Vax Card or Real?

I just got off of the phone with a friend of mine. Tomorrow is December 1st and his company is requiring the vaccine. It wasn’t a big deal for him because he got vaccinated back in March, so he wasn’t concerned about the December 1 deadline, that was until he was notified that the card he turned in was a fake!

Now, follow me here.

He took the experimental jab because he has elderly, sick parents that he is around and he didn’t want to make them sick. He thought that he was doing the right thing. His job didn’t require it at the time, so when they announced that they were going to require it, he thought no big deal, right? I’m already jabbed.

The problem is that he misplaced the original card. He has searched and searched, but no luck. So he contacted the State of Ohio and they were able to verify his vax and they sent him a copy of his card.

He gave his employer the copy the state provided to him, but they claim it is a fake! They told him to go get another jab, or provide the original card, or don’t come back to work. Can you believe that? They won’t accept the State of Ohio copy of his vax card! This is absurd! These people have no idea what they are doing! No one can tell a real card from a fake, then toss in a state replacement for a lost card and they’re all clueless.

He just called me to let me know that he found the original card and that he marched it directly upstairs to his superior’s office today.

He did everything that was asked of him, provided a state-authorized copy of the card, and he was still going to lose his job. This nonsense needs to stop.

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