Google Censoring Search Results In Order To Keep With The Narrative!

The internet at one time was free and vastly filled with information and knowledge for the masses. Uncensored, and available to anyone with a computer or device to access it. Need a recipe? Search the internet. Need a phone number? Search the internet. Need an owner’s manual? Search the internet. And up until 2020, need medical advice? Search the internet.

Covid has brought a whole new set of results when searching Google, Yahoo, or Bing. The results are now censored and based on Google’s political beliefs and positions. It is amazing to me that they can charge businesses millions of dollars per day to advertise, but then they censor the results based on the company’s stance on a particular topic. Who wants to pay for that?

Below are two screen captures of a search regarding hydrogen peroxide nebulization and the treatment of covid-19. This treatment has been used with great success for decades by many physicians, many doctors have even used this treatment themselves. But search Google and you are warned of the dangers. But search Duck Duck Go and you are told of the successes. So where are you going to search from this point forward I guess depends on what you want to hear. Do you want to hear the truth, or do you want to be lied to in order to feel better? Because it is clearly a choice now.

Look at both searches below with the same exact search phrase. Both have DRASTICALLY different results. This is censorship at it’s finest and during a global crisis.

Duck Duck Go Search Results for the same search terms

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