Angry Father Blasts Pharmacist for Not Disclosing COVID Jab Side Effects

An enraged father whose wife took their 7-year-old son to get a COVID shot against his wishes lambasted a pharmacist for failing to tell his wife that myocarditis is a possible side effect from the shots.

The child is now in a hospital with myocarditis and, according to the father, his prognosis could mean he will die within five years. STRONG LANGUAGE ALERT: As the father’s anger builds to a crescendo, his emotions get the best of him near the end of the recording as he lets loose.

“You murderer!” he yells. “So you’re just going to tell people nothing could go wrong and more kids are going to end up in the hospital with ruined hearts. Right? That’s the plan?”

SOURCE: August 8, 2022

Bitchute August 7, 2022

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