6,600 Variants and our Media is Freaking Out About One! C’mon man!

6,600 variants and our media is freaking out about one! Are there any journalists left in the world? Does anyone do their job? How about a doctor or scientist that can explain to someone why and how a virus replicates itself? Why isn’t anyone speaking up?

Going OUTSIDE of the US for my news I was able to find this –

“Director of the Bioinformatics Institute at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research Dr. Sebastian Maurer-Stroh has revealed that the novel coronavirus that sparked the Covid-19 pandemic has undergone “more than 6,600 unique spike protein mutations”.

Explaining why these mutations take place in a report published by The Straits Times, he said that the viruses mutate whenever there is a “mistake” in the replication process. “This could result from an addition, a deletion or a change to its genetic code,” he said and added that if that mistake increases its survival prospects, more copies of that “wrong” replication will survive, and sometimes overwhelm the original version.”This is a NORMAL process for a virus.

This isn’t anything new. Educate yourself.


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