Has Detroit proven that the 2020 election outcome was planned?

The Democrat’s hot topic is still president Trump and the MAGA Insurrectionists, and any conservatives that are still claiming election fraud. “They all must be stopped!” That’s the left’s daily cry. But I also think it’s a diversion tactic as well. Especially when it comes to the election and what really happened.

Well, I have seen the tape of the women running the ballots from under the table over and over and over after everyone was sent home due to a reported “water leak.” If they were counting votes, then why did they count them 4, 5, 6, or 7 times? No one cared.

I have watched the security footage from Georgia with proof that ballot boxes were overstuffed, but no one cared. I have watched the news channel coverage footage where the data feed in real-time flips the votes, but no one cares. I have read the reports of the Dominion voting machines in Michigan being erased, and all history removed before any investigation could happen.

It clearly appears that no one cares to prove to us that our election process is secure. We are just supposed to believe it even though Wisconsin and Delaware (Biden’s home state) have BOTH now said that drop boxes are unconstitutional. And we are supposed to believe it even though there are people in Arizona being convicted and going to prison for election fraud.

My brain has been hard at work for months trying to figure out something that someone has overlooked. What is clearly right in front of us and that no one thought we would piece together? Then it came to me, and I was floored! It was SO simple! Am I wrong? You tell me.

0 to 72 months. That is how long it takes for a car to go from concept to production to the showroom floor. Cars are not built overnight. It takes an average of 2 years in the design and concept phase and wind tunnel testing, all before you can tool an assembly line, and then you have to buy the machinery (typically from a foreign country), they make the machines and ship them to the US. All of this BEFORE you can even start making a car.

According to a Car and Driver article from 2016, the process can take up to 72 months for a car to roll off the assembly line.

See the article here –


  • Research market, including in-house and field investigations, to identify the role of this product and its components in the global portfolio; define separation from similar models sold by sister brands
  • Identify special features, advantages, and potential world, U.S., or segment firsts
  • Define competitive set, target customers; set curb-weight, fuel-economy, and performance goals

  • 2. DESIGN
  • Interior—sketches, theme selection, model build, continuous reviews
  • Exterior—same as above until design freeze
  • Exterior colors, interior-trim materials selection
  • Wind-tunnel assessment of theme models
  • Concept creation for management presentation, potential auto-show use

  • Additional CAE
  • Customer clinics aimed at gathering current model feedback, suggestions for improvements
  • Research advanced technologies—engines, transmissions, motors, electronic controls, manufacturing techniques (painting, metal forming, plastic molding), and emerging trends

    MONTHS 36–72
  • Design for manufacturing and assembly
  • Construct or modify production facilities
  • Tooling design, construction, validation
  • Pilot builds to validate process and parts
  • On-line preproduction builds
  • Quality improvements
  • Confirm that the production vehicle meets performance targets
  • Train workforce
  • Collaborate with suppliers
  • Commence production of saleable autos

So in comes Biden via the 2020 election and gas prices go through the roof! The country is brought to its knees, and not a single Democrat seems to care, almost as if it was scripted. Then the narrative starts….”everyone must buy an electric car.” “You must drive an electric car.” “Electric cars are our future.” Like little robots, they all repeated the same thing.

And right about this same time, the TV commercials started. Electric Ford’s. Explorers, F-150’s, not just Teslas, but American-made electric cars. They had come to the rescue of the American people! Detroit, the same city where we can’t question the ballots and ballot boxes is going to save us with their electric cars! Thank God! (Or should I say, Thank Biden?)

This got me thinking. I have a couple of good friends that are engineers at some auto manufacturers. I knew that they spent years flying to Europe to buy the machinery to make the assembly lines to make a new car. It’s 2022 and they are already working on 2025 and 2026’s right now, 3 to 4 years ahead!

So, how the heck was Detroit able to start rolling these cars off the assembly line, with full advertising campaigns, tv spots, radio ads, and social media ads so darn quickly if it takes up to 4-6 years to build a car from concept to manufacturing? And how was Detroit ready to go when our gas crisis hit? Then it hit me…DING! They knew!

They knew who was going to be in the White House. They knew that gas prices were going to soar. They knew that the White House would create a problem, and they would have the answer “to save the American people from rising fuel costs.” They were so excited about this that even CNN couldn’t hold their excitement inside.

Look at this article – A Biden presidency could boost Tesla and the auto industry
– September 2020

I know, it’s CNN, they thought that Joe could help every industry, right?

Then what about this article from August of 2020? Not only is it about the corvette, but it also includes Biden doing a little promo on his Twitter account. Coincidence?

Was the auto industry tipped off? Did they know during the Trump presidency who would be in office in 2020? If not, then how did they have vehicles ready to go during our biggest gas crunch since the 1970’s? These manufacturers needed 2 to 5 years to get these cars rolling off the assembly line and into showrooms, they were there by January 1, 2021.

Now, keep in mind, that this was all during the great “supply chain” crisis. Ford was taking pickup trucks to the Kentucky Motor Speedway and airport parking lots all over the country, letting them sit because they could not get microchips from China. At one point they stored up to 53,000 trucks.

Dealers are still unable to sell you a new car as of September 21, 2022. I just left a Honda dealer and there are ZERO new cars on the showroom floor! Why? They can’t get the supplies to complete them. But, if they run on a battery, curiously they can get the parts. Hmmm…interesting.

If they can’t get microchips because of supply chain issues, then how heck are they building enough electric cars during this time to supply their dealers with cars to sell to the general public? Who is supplying them with the needed parts to make these vehicles? Or, were they already fully stocked and ready to go because they knew what was going to happen? Maybe.

In my example, there are no ballot boxes needed. No voting machine hacks to prove. This is just big corporations playing along with the big Washington swamp to once again to pull the wool over the American people’s eyes. Also, see > “Look! A dangerous virus, let me give you a shot for that!” (circa 2020/2021)

Building cars take time, and technically, Biden has only been here since January 2021. But it appears that Detroit had been planning for his arrival for quite some time.

Some other interesting articles concerning the timeline to manufacture a car –




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