Vaccinated Deaths are Outpacing Unvaccinated in the UK! What about the US? They’ll never tell you.

Death of the vaccinated is FAR outweighing the unvaccinated deaths in the UK!

The UK has been very transparent with its data. Why not, right? After all, the shot was supposed to be to help save mankind. It is turning out to do just the opposite.

I have stripped out the data from their data file and presented it in a little different format which makes it easier to see a pattern. If you follow the beginning of the vaccine to the boosters, you will clearly see a death pattern that follows the vaccine, then the second shot, and then the boosters. Notice that the smallest group of individuals dying from COVID are the unvaccinated.

So the shot that is supposed to stop death, prevent serious illness, or keep you from catching COVID, seems to be doing just the opposite. This is killing people in mass amounts and at an alarming rate. Look at the graphic below. The data started in January of 2021, during the rollout of the vaccine. If you can see it, you will notice how the deaths of the vaccinated started immediately! As time progresses, you will also notice that the deaths of the unvaccinated appear to be less and less. My guess is that many caught COVID, then developed natural immunity.

You will notice that there is a category called “Ever Vaccinated.” Those are people that they have tracked that have had at least one vaccine shot, but never returned for the second.

Below is a graphic that shows 2022. Look at how few unvaccinated deaths there have been from January 2022 to May 2022 >>>>> 27,326 vaccinated deaths VS 1,447 unvaccinated deaths.

The data doesn’t lie. This is not conspiracy material. This is data available to the public from the UK Ministry of Health. I am providing the link to the data so you can see it for yourself.

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