Georgia election looks odd again. Red state, Republican Governor by a landslide, but divided on Senator?

*** Well, well, well! The PEOPLE have spoken! Or did they? ***

Election junk! A completely expected outcome in Georgia. Did you think that it would turn out differently? By now, if you don’t see that there is something wrong in this state, then you are not paying attention.

1) What is the mathematical possibility that TWO senate races, 2 years apart, including the same candidate, both end up in a runoff? Not likely. Especially when the people clearly came out to vote for Republican candidates?

2) How can a state that is clearly red, elect a governor that beat his democrat candidate by 8% or 298,857 votes, but the Senate race turned out 49% to 49%?

3) Why can Georgia tell you everything about a voter including their gender, but a day after the election their state voter registrations by party page is down? 7.6 million voters, and if you can tell us what they identify as, you can tell us what their party affiliation is! How many democrats are there? How many Republicans? It would be nice to know.

4) Going back to my previous statement, I am aware through other sources that there are 350,000 more republicans registered in Georgia than there are Democrats. So if you look at how many votes Kemp won by (298,857) that makes perfect sense, right? But somehow during the same election, 70,790 people voted for governor Kemp but failed to vote for a republican senator. If there are 350,000 more registered republicans, then there is no way that Warnock pulled neck and neck with Walker. Based strictly on the math, this should have been a Walker victory by more than 200k votes. Where did they go?

5) Finally, nothing major, but I am weird with numbers. I found patterns in Ohio reported covid numbers because of my weirdness. They had to be fabricated. There were days of covid deaths in small counties like 44, 44, 44, 44 or 22, 22, 22, 22. It’s easy to see when numbers are modified by a human based on the layout of a computer keyboard. People are lazy. The last 4 digits of Walker’s vote totals were 7272 and Warnock’s was 3737. Odd? I think so.
There is something amiss. This was TOTALLY about power and control in Washington. A clear victory for republicans in the state of Georgia, but when it comes to power in Washington, they meddle to make it turn out how they need it in order to stay in power.

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