Twitter Part 5 – Banning Trump

Twitter files Part 5 – Banning Trump.

We all knew he didn’t do anything wrong. Now the whole world knows it. I am sickened and disgusted by this. Tired of it. And as much as I post the truth right here, it will be censored, shadow-banned, and throttled to reach as few people as possible. Because this is all they have. They have nothing but cheating, lying, and censoring the voices that speak out against them. They have weak policies and weak ideas.

They are everything you thought they were for the past two years and longer. Six years of this crap. Eventually, it will all crumble, it always does and true democracy will prevail, not this fake narrative that has been created.

Read for yourself how this bunch of criminals removed T from Twitter. It wasn’t based on TOS violations, this was political. And you’ll notice, this is where the term “patriot” became associated with the word terrorist. You can thank Twitter employees for that one. Assholes!

Read the full story here >>>>

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