The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

I took these photos of the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn!

First time in 800 years. Will look like the star of Bethlehem on the 21st. Very cool!

Dabbling with new my new cell phone eyepiece projection mount. Trial run. If you look close you can see the rings around Saturn (planet on bottom).

Jupiter washed out because the cell phone couldn’t adjust. I could easily discern the red stripes on Jupiter and the rings around Saturn. If you watch the video you can see Jupiter’s moons flickering. The movement is due to the rotation of the Earth.

The telescope inverts the image since it is a reflector. Looking at it with the naked eye, Saturn is actually above Jupiter.

I used to be much better at this a long time ago. Now just a cool hobby. 😉

Orion Astroview 6
Eyepiece projection

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