Walgreens is maintaining its own database, and can no longer wait on the CDC

Walgreens has decided to start publishing their own data based on the tests given out at their stores nationwide. They are no longer waiting on the CDC and have decided to move forward with their own data.

Only 16.3% of the positive cases in ALL Walgreens all over the country are the unvaccinated. That means that over 80% of all covid-19 cases have at least one dose of the vaccine.

The numbers they have just released are shocking. It is clearly showing that the group that tests positive for covid-19 the least is unvaccinated. Look at the screenshot from today. The numbers don’t lie, they are the real science that we should all be following.

Boosters leading the cases. Are boosters creating variants?

Case spikes in 5-11-year-olds caused by the vaccine? This age group had literally zero cases before the vaccine was given to them. Now it appears to be driving cases in this age group.
Boosters causing case spikes in 5-11-year-olds 12-17 (booster is 3rd dose)
Boosters causing case spikes in 18-44-year-olds (booster is 3rd dose)
Boosters causing case spikes in 45-64-year-olds (booster is 3rd dose)
Boosters causing case spikes in 65+ (booster is 3rd dose)
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