India’s Supreme Court Rejects Door-To-Door COVID-19 Vaccination Plan

The Supreme Court of India rejected a plea to initiate a door-to-door COVID-19 vaccination, saying that such pleas were a consequence of ignorance about the complexity of governance and diversity of the country.In the current vaccination drive, over 60% of the population had already received at least one dose of vaccination. A Bench led by Justice D.Y. Chandrachud asked the petitioner, Youth Bar Association of India, whether it wanted the court to direct the government to scrap its current vaccination drive and initiate the process of door-to-door vaccination.

“Do the same conditions prevail in Ladakh and Kerala, or Uttar Pradesh? Are the challenges same in urban parts of India and the rural areas? There is a lack of understanding about the diversity of the country, about the complexity of governance. You cannot ask the same thing, in one stroke of the brush, for the entire country…

Over 60% of the population has taken one dose of the vaccine, it is not for us now to turn around and say scrap that and go for door-to-door vaccination,” Justice Chandrachud addressed the counsel on the petitioner’s side.

The petition aimed to initiate a door-to-door vaccination for the aged, the disabled and those unable to approach vaccination centres, among others.


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