Only 8 of 954,000 kids report minor complaints after Corbevax shots in India!

Calling the Covid vaccines safe, pediatricians in India have stressed that side effects of Corbevax, such as redness at the site of injection, mild fever, and headache, are common and the benefits of covid vaccination far outweigh the risks.

Senior pediatrician Dr Pramod Jog, a member of the state’s pediatric Covid task force, said, “Many parents are wondering if it is safe or even necessary to get their teens vaccinated. The science is clear: the benefits far outweigh the minor side-effects or Adverse Event Following Immunization (AEFIs) with Corbevax. These side effects are self-resolving.

Only 8 of 954,000 kids in 8 months have had a mild fever or a headache! Why aren’t we using this vaccine in the US? Why doesn’t it have EAU like the others? After all, it was created in Texas by doctors right here in the USA. They even offered it to the US Government for FREE!

Once again, it doesn’t follow the narrative or big pharma. The inventor of this vaccine doesn’t use mRNA technology. He used the same delivery system that we have used for decades to administer hepatitis vaccines. We know that it is safe and Corbevax appears to be highly effective against ALL variants of covid-19.

The inventor of this vaccine donated it to the world. A free cure for a global pandemic. What a novel idea.

Thank you Dr. Peter Hotez and his team at Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development 

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