The Biden Administration is Shipping Palettes of Baby Formula to the Border

The Biden Administration is Shipping Palettes of Baby Formula to the Border by Katie Pavlich for Town Hall

GNN Note – I sure hope all the Moms out there understand there is NO SHORTAGE – THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION IS CAUSING THE PROBLEMS AND CREATING THE SOLUTION – but the solution is for the invaders, not you and your children. / END

American parents across the country are terrified as the supply of baby formula dries up.

According to Republican Congresswoman Kat Cammack, illegal immigrants currently in federal detention centers have plenty of baby formula. Palettes of baby formula have been delivered by the Biden Administration as store shelves go bare.

“Biden is sending pallets of baby formula to the border. Meanwhile, store shelves across America are empty and moms are being told they don’t know when more is coming in. Welcome to Biden’s America where American moms and dads are last,” Cammack posted on Facebook. “What is infuriating to me is that this is another example of an America last agenda. Palettes [of baby formula]”.

“The American government is sending by the palette, thousands and thousands of containers of baby formula to the border,” she said in a video.

Border Patrol agents have been instructed not to take baby formula home for their own children.

During a briefing with reporters on Air Force One Wednesday, incoming White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed the Biden Administration was working on the issue 24/7. But when asked who was handling the crisis, Jean-Pierre laughed and said she didn’t know.

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