Omicron variant as nothing more than a “seasonal cold virus”

Terming Omicron variant as nothing more than a “seasonal cold virus”, a US-based cardiologist has warned against “overreaction and over-reach” by government agencies, saying their actions are causing panic and providing misinformation.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, Afshine Emrani, Medical Director at Los Angeles Heart Specialists, suggested that the countries should not test for Omicron, and instead, focus their resources on providing “psychological and financial assistance” to people.

Read his 10 tips and comments below –

Afshine Emrani MD FACC
Los Angeles Heart Specialist, Cardiologist & Internist
Afshine Emrani

I’m getting requests to do TV, newspaper and radio interviews. I won’t. But, for those interested, here are my basic thoughts:

1- Omicron is nothing more than a seasonal cold virus. Now we have 5 coronaviruses that will be around.

2- There is little we can do to stop this virus from infecting 80% + of the population. Masks. Vaccine card mandates will make no difference.

3- Sure, people who are vaccinated have a much lower chance of dying or getting hospitalized.

4- Vaccinated people still get infected and pass the virus to others. It’s important to be honest about the role of the vaccines because the authorities were all wrong in saying you won’t get variants and you won’t pass variants. Clearly.

5- Since millions and millions are getting infected with Omicron and the vast majority don’t even get sick, we have to ask the question: What is the point of testing but for causing panic.If almost everyone will be exposed, why test?

6- Most people reported in hospitals are NOT there because of Omicron. The extensive testing is revealing people who have colonization, not infection. This is an important difference that affects our public policy.

7- The biggest threat in my opinion remains in over-reaction and over-reach by government agencies, causing panic, providing misinformation, leading to closures that hurt those most vulnerable among us.

8- Hospitals cannot afford to have 30 to 70% of staff missing because of quarantining due to Omicron. This will end of hurting the patients that need care. Hospital staff should be able to go back to work with a mask just like they would with a cold…Same with airlines…

9- Soon in US we will have 2 million positive cases a day for weeks, after which the numbers will drop dramatically.Just like South Africa. And Europe.

Having millions positive in America, but asking travelers to quarantine in another country before coming back is silly.

We should focus our resources on providing hope, psychological & financial assistance, educating people on diet, exercise, sunlight, hydration and sleep.

And vitamin D3 10000 IU daily when sick and 5000 IU other times.

10- I still believe that in the final analysis this variant will prove to be a blessing in disguise and our government’s reaction will be more harmful than the virus itself.

Praying for an end to this pandemic soon

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