Deaths and Hospitalizations Continue to Rise in The US Due To No Early At-Home Treatments Being Given to Sick Patients

Covid Deaths (yesterday 1-11-22)

US  – 2,173
UK  –  77 
Mexico – 134
Japan –  7
France – 214
India  –  442 (population of 1.3 BILLION people)
Germany  – 262

Why is this happening? Where are the doctors in this country? Is everyone on the take? You took an oath. This has NOTHING to do with vaccination and everything to do with not providing early AT-HOME treatment to prevent hospitalizations.

Normal Life –
It’s 5:00 am and your child wakes up vomiting, high fever, and congestion. It’s flu season, so it could be the flu. You call your doctor when they open. They agree to see your child or call in medication to help treat it. Your child is sick for a few days, then recovers.

Covid Life –
You wake up with a high fever, fatigue, body aches, and a cough. You call your doctor. Your doctor says, “there is nothing I can do. Don’t come to our office. Stay home to keep everyone safe. If you get worse or can’t breathe, just go to the ER.”

No meds. No treatments. No help.  This means hospitalization and very possibly, death.

This is the world we live in. We are two years into this mess and doctors and our healthcare system still have no early outpatient treatment plan in place for at-home treatment to try to prevent hospitalization! Why not? Why don’t you want to help people self-treat at home and get better? Why don’t you want to prevent them from being hospitalized? This has been baffling to me since the beginning. 

Not only are doctors not offering an early outpatient treatment plan, but they also are not even talking about daily preventative or prophylaxis treatment. Why not? As a general practitioner, why haven’t you sent all of your patients a letter saying, “this might help, and it can’t hurt”, and then explain the potential benefits of taking all of the vitamin supplements that we all have discussed over the past few months? If you saved one life or hospitalization by doing this, wouldn’t it be worth it? Remember the saying, “one covid death is too many.” What happened to that mantra?

Mexico has been giving early treatment options to prevent deaths and hospitalizations and it is working! Mexico! Our response is embarrassing and scary because it is starting to appear that we are letting people die on purpose. When you are not asking other countries what they are doing and you are not adopting other country’s protocols that are working, your harm on the American people is intentional.

Excerpt from the Mexico study for early at-home treatment –

Objective: There is an urgent need for effective treatments to prevent or attenuate lung and systemic inflammation, endotheliitis, and thrombosis related to COVID-19. This study aimed to assess the effectiveness of a multidrug-therapy consisting of Ivermectin, Azithromycin, Montelukast, and Acetylsalicylic acid (“TNR4” therapy) to prevent hospitalization and death among ambulatory COVID19 cases in Tlaxcala, Mexico.

Design and methods: A comparative effectiveness study was performed among 768 confirmed SARS-CoV2 cases aged 18–80 years, who received ambulatory care at the Ministry of Health of Tlaxcala. A total of 481 cases received the TNR4 therapy, while 287 received another treatment (comparison group). All participants received home visits and/or phone calls for clinical evaluation during the 14 days after enrollment.

Results: Nearly 85% of cases who received the TNR4 recovered within 14 days compared to 59% in the comparison group. The likelihood of recovery within 14 days was 3.4 times greater among the TNR4 group than in the comparison group. Patients treated with TNR4 had a 75% and 81% lower risk of being hospitalized or death, respectively, than the comparison group.
Conclusions: TNR4 therapy improved recovery and prevented the risk of hospitalization and death among ambulatory COVID-19 cases.

FYI – This has nothing to do with vaccination percentages. Look at the US percentages below. We are well above where many of these countries are with vaccinations. That could very well be the problem.

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