Media Crimes Against the USA

In case you have forgotten. This is what the media and the government have been spoon-feeding Americans for over 2 years now –

– Covid false facts and data (including who is dying)
– Suppression of any and all covid treatments
– Ignored that there were no early “at-home” treatments
– Lies that Ivermectin was a “horse medicine” and did not work. Ask Bangladesh about this!
– Ignoring data that masks don’t work
– Ignoring that the vaccine is killing people (every day!)
– Russia collusion (for 4 years)
– They called Nick Sandman a racist
– They sided with Jesse Smollett
– They ignored Hunter’s laptop
– They ignored election irregularities
– They lied about Brett Kavanaugh
– They ignored Biden’s quid pro quo in Ukraine
– Currently blaming gas prices on the Russian war
– Ignoring the border crisis daily
– Ignored the failure in Afghanistan withdraw
– Ignoring the push for CRT in our schools

It’s all there. We have been punched and sucker-punched so many times in the past 2 years that it is hard to remember all of it. But this is my running tally. Beware.

The normal you are living right now is not normal. It is what they are allowing you to experience. This is far from over. Don’t let your guard down. Seek truth OUTSIDE of the US media.

They will never give up.

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