Fake Facebook Fact-Checkers Are They Responsible For Needless Deaths?

You have to wonder after Zuckerberg admits in court that the fact-checkers that Facebook employees are “opinion” and ARE NOT truly based on any type of facts at all, if they should be held criminally liable for the loss of life during the pandemic?

Think about it. If someone had known that Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine or something as simple as VItamin D3 may have worked to save their loved one’s life, but a Facebook fact-checker posted a WARNING on their friend’s post detailing how to use or obtain that medicine that said that “unproven treatments of covid-19 may harm or kill you” and it turns out that they were just lying to run with the left’s narrative, then they should be held accountable for suppressing life-saving treatments ON PURPOSE! As far as I am concerned, this is criminal.

Facebook has gone from claiming that Russia disinformation on Facebook elected Trump, to suppressing information about Hunter Biden’s laptop (which turned out to be true), to killing American citizens by suppressing alternative treatments for a 99% survivable virus, to promoting a poison jab that has killed and harmed tens of thousands of innocent people. They have clearly become too powerful and need to be broken up into little pieces where they can no longer harm or influence anyone.

Let’s not forget about the fact-checkers here. The fact-checking websites need to be shut down and the founders and operators of those websites need to be held liable for their actions. They have been given full and unbridled access to Facebook’s social platform for the specific reason of spreading disinformation and squelching the real truth. For this, they need to be held accountable.

Beware of what your friend posts, because it’s probably true!

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