CDC Speaks And The Ugly Step-Sister Is No Longer Invited To The Party

Have you noticed the mainstream media narrative raging against the J&J today? How much do you want to bet it’s the safest jab of the three? “Might cause blood clots”, they’re exclaiming! So watch out! But do you also notice that the myocarditis and heart attacks that the other two cause is never talked about? Why is that?

I know many people in the medical field that were forced to get the jab, guess which one they took? Yep. I wonder why? Do you think they know more than CNN? I’m going with a big fat YES!

You can always tell the truth by decoding the message that the MSM is trying to push on the masses. Look at the image below. This is a screenshot from Google News today. Interesting isn’t it? It appears that the CDC has spoken and the ugly step-sister is not invited.

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