Can You Get COVID-19 Twice? NO!

* Can You Get COVID-19 Twice? NO! * Dr. Peter McCullough tells you why>>>>>>>

Below are some thoughts on permanent immunity from covid. He has treated more than 2,000 patients and has never had a re-infection. When he pressed the CDC to provide a case of a person that has been infected two times, they could not provide one.

There are multiple reasons that you can test positive for months after infection. I have a friend that has tested positive at least 7 times since he was sick almost a year ago. That doesn’t mean that they have covid. You, your friend, or your family member may have thought that they had covid a second time, but they did not. Not according to the CDC or Dr. McCullough. The CDC will tell you that IT’S POSSIBLE to get reinfected twice, but it is also possible that sometime in my life I could fly, but not likely.

He says >>>

>We see permanent immunity in people with SARS-CoV-1, supported by 135 studies

>Thought exercise: if you could catch COVID-19 twice and the elderly are highly susceptible, we would’ve seen it sweep through nursing homes again? And wouldn’t they all be dead by now?

>You cannot get COID-19 twice: what happens is one test is false-positive – or – that person has the deadly virus they keep carrying on

>Identifying what happens when someone is sick, tests positive, recovers, and repeats the cycle: to meet the rigorous standard you’d have to test positive on low threshold PCR test, and positive on an antigen test, and can find virus through sequencing, and is sick

>The CDC also admitted that the PCR methodology early in the pandemic could not distinguish between the flu and COVID-19 so it’s possible earlier positive tests were actually flu

>Resistance to the idea of natural immunity: all roads lead back to vaccine

>15% of people who have symptomatic COVID do not have antibodies because the positive controls are set on sick in-patient people – most people who stay home are not that sick

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