Another One Blocked –


Another One Blocked – 🤷‍♂️

It is disappointing that during this pandemic the only people I have had to block are a few close friends of 20+ years and several family members. Yes, family.

You see, I believe in free speech and I believe that everyone should have the right to do and say what they want. But the opposite is always true when it comes to the hard-left liberal, including my friends and family.

They are the first to call you names, leave smart-ass comments, be rude to my FB friends, add NOTHING to the conversation, and try to shout me down if I speak my mind. They feel empowered to “call me out.” But they call me out with nothing but rudeness. No facts and no science.

These are the same people that haven’t followed “the science” for two years. (Hey, look, I’m still alive!) Heck, they wouldn’t even know science if it were attached to a rock and it hit them right between the eyes! They never add useful comments to my posts, especially when they think I am wrong.

They never have science that backs up their fear-mongering position that they’ve been huddled in for two years. All they can do is shout and say mean rude things thinking that it makes them appear “all-knowing.” The party of “don’t bully”, “don’t be racist”, knows nothing other than how to be a bully, how to name call, and how to be a racist. Most of the time dealing with these people is like dealing with an immature teenager. Their minds have not matured with their bodies. A grown adult acting like a 15-year-old is quite unappealing and it gets old very, very quickly.

Using FB’s available technology, I have decided to block these people.

After two years, I have ZERO use for you in my life. You never comment on my posting about my kids. You might occasionally comment about a dog photo. And you never have anything educated or informative to say about a covid post except “fear, fear, fear.” At this point, my dog is at the top of your list when it comes to my family and as of today, you are at the bottom of mine. If any of you want to unfriend me at this time, please do.

I want to interact with people that question EVERYTHING. That knows the difference between truth and propaganda (real disinformation). That understands someone’s right to do what they need to do if they believe that it will heal them. I want to interact with people that understand someone’s right to pray or go to church if you want to. I want to interact with people that understand that just because someone’s skin color or sexual preference is different than yours, it doesn’t make them stupid or unable to fill out an election ballot or hold a job. See people for what they are, people. Parents, neighbors, co-workers and be kind and supportive. They are struggling just like the rest of us. The formula is simple.

Engaging your mind and educating yourself empowers you to grow, learn, and become less afraid. Otherwise, we would all still be in a cave and afraid of fire. Well, I have tossed you sticks for two years, but no more. You have been blocked.

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