~ 34,000 kids 5-11 Given the Vaccine the first week in Ohio

~ 34,000 kids 5-11 given the j-a-b the first week in Ohio

You’re my friends and I care. I have put together some information for you to consider.

I know many of you are not paying attention to REAL science. It’s tiring, I get it. Life is busy. And many have bought into the fear-mongering that the mainstream media pushes, but if you are giving an unknown j-a-b to protect your child from a virus that has a death rate of 0.01% (99.99% survivable), and a death total of fewer than 600 children in a 22 month period, will you also protect them by doing the following:

– No longer driving them to sports practice or school? (4,074 deaths per year)
– Will you stop allowing them to swim? (995 deaths per year)
– Will you stop taking them through fast-food restaurants and clean up their diets? (599 deaths per year from heart disease)

These are some of the top causes of children’s deaths in a 12 month period. Currently, less than 600 children have died from covid-19 in a 22-month time span. If we multiply the same number of months of heart disease deaths in children that is 1,048 children that have died of heart disease during covid. Almost double the number of covid deaths. Are you cleaning up their diets or are you just looking for a quick fix? Think about it.

There are prophylaxis treatments that have been proven to help avoid a covid infection. Vitamin D3, vitamin C, and zinc are just a few of the things you can do. Of course, proper hygiene and fresh air will help too.

The responsible thing to do is look at real data before you decide.
4,074 Accident deaths
3,143 Firearm deaths
1,853 Malignant neoplasm
1,430 Suffocation deaths
995 Drowning deaths
982 Drug overdose
979 Congenital anomalies
599 Heart disease
340 Fire or burns
274 Chronic lower respiratory disease* these are during a 12-month time span

594 US covid deaths 0-17*
1,105 US pneumonia deaths 0-17
185 US flu deaths 0-17
* covid deaths are a cumulative total over a 22 month period

Recommendations from YOUR government where they admit that covid is MILD in children. Then why a j-a-b? See more information in the link below –

~ SARS-CoV-2 infection is generally milder in children than in adults, and a substantial proportion of children with the disease have asymptomatic infection.

~ Most children with SARS-CoV-2 infection will not require any specific therapy.

~ Children who have a history of medical complexity (e.g., due to neurologic impairment, developmental delays, or genetic syndromes including trisomy 21), obesity, chronic cardiopulmonary disease, or who are immunocompromised, as well as nonwhite children and older teenagers, may be at increased risk for severe disease.

* source – National Institutes of Health

* source CDC

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