UK 50 Per Day Dead, US 2,000 Per Day Dead. Why? The US is Failing The Fight Against Covid-19 And No One Seems To Care!

* Numbers! 50 a day dead vs 2,000 a day.

UK vs US Why are we killing our own?

Two of the greatest countries in the world with the most advanced medical knowledge and technology. One is winning the fight against covid and one is losing. The loser? The US. Why is that? Why aren’t we asking the UK for help or to share what is being done in the UK to save lives? You need to be asking yourself and your administration, your state representatives that same question.

Stop listening to the same robotic, failing speak coming out of Fauci and the media’s mouth. People are dying because of it. Compare the graphs below. This is public information available to everyone, including our own government.

One Day Death Totals –
US 1,847
UK 48

Awake yet?

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