CDC Data Show Sharp Increase in Deaths of Ages 15-54 vs 2020

There has been a sharp increase in deaths in the 15-54 age group compared to the same time period in 2020. What is different? We know more, we know how to treat covid, we know who is affected by covid the most, then why the increase? There is only one thing different between this year and last year. The vaccine.

Some will claim that the variants are causing this issue, but that is not the case. If anything, the variants have affected the younger ages even less than they did when the alpha variant was the dominant variant. With each passing variant, the virus seems to grow weaker. So the only explanation here is the vaccine. Are we seeing depressed immune systems? Are we seeing an immune system already devastated by spike protein’s reaction to the virus? Or are we seeing “protocol” deaths labeled as covid? I am not really sure. You decide.

Below are several images for the various age groups. Look at the sharp increase in deaths in October. The curve looks nothing like last year when we were right in the middle of the pandemic.

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