Meet B.1.1.529 – World freaks out over 10 cases of new variant

10 Cases & the world is freaking out! NO DEATHS!

Here we go! Meet B.1.1.529

New variant discovered in South Africa. Fauci warning everyone that “this could be worse than Delta! Get vaccinated as soon as you can! We don’t know much about it, but it looks like natural immunity won’t protect you!” This variant is SO smart that it’s outsmarted your immune system, but not the manmade vaccine. 🙄

And I just heard that the new pill to treat covid works on the new variant. How do they know that? Have they tried the pill out on the new variant? Maybe before it was released? Curious isn’t it?

Guess how many cases they’ve discovered of the new variant? 10. Yes, 10 (ten) cases! The World is freaking out over 10 cases! This is a ploy to scare people into getting the jab.

These people are shameful. Look at the images in attaching. Newsweek reports 10 cases. Fauci reporting more fear. They’re going to keep pushing and pushing. They’ll never stop.

Wait, I think I hear someone crying wolf.

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