Dial “M” for Murder! America Is Killing Its Citizens!

Can someone Dial “M” for Murder? The Biden White House needs to be reported and people need to be arrested. This is nothing short of murder right in front of our eyes.

Have you lost a loved one? Are you losing a loved one? Stand up to this tyranny! Scroll down and compare the number to other countries.

NO OTHER COUNTRY is losing this many citizens. Why am I the only one that can see it?! What is going on? Omicron is the dominant variant and IS NOT killing people! Our hospitals are!


Single Day DEATHS on January 21, 2022

3,141 Deaths in the USA 😳
288 Deaths in the UK
489 Deaths in India (1.3 billion people)
233 Deaths in France
385 Deaths in Italy
278 Deaths in Mexico
175 Deaths in Germany
183 Deaths in Canada
14 Deaths in Bangladesh
13 Deaths in Thailand
9 Deaths in Japan
1 Death in Norway

Maybe I am wrong, but something is going on. The greatest doctors, nurses, and healthcare system in the world and we have 30x the death rate of Germany? Or 3,000x the death rate of Norway? I am just shocked that the news media is completely failing to report this and are compliant in their willingness to go along with the killing of innocent Americans. This is the American holocaust.

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